Endless Disruption Summit 2021

Join the change agents who are reshaping modern business


Speakers include:

Brant Cooper


Endless Disruption

Kim Folsom

Founder, Chairperson and CEO

Founders First

Hugh Molotsi


Ujama, Inc.

Dan Price

Founder & CEO

Gravity Payments

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COVID-19… Texas energy grid collapse… Ship stuck in canal… Ransomware attacks…

Disruption is not just about Silicon Valley tech upstarts.

COVID-19 disrupted millions of lives all around the world. But the pandemic is the result of a larger disruption, rather than the sole cause. We live in a hyper-connected world, where information—and disinformation—travel at the speed of light. Our world is filled with uncertainty brought on by the increased complexity and events that ripple across the global economy. This is a part of the Digital Revolution, where continuous change is the new norm.

The problem is that the way we manage the institutions we depend on—in business, education, and government—is still largely based on the assembly line era of the Industrial Age.

We need a new way forward; one that is already emerging.

The Endless Disruption Summit seeks to highlight societal changes underway and to inspire you to join in leading the movement. The Summit features speakers and panelists—the change agents—who will share stories, as well as the mindset shift required to not simply survive, but thrive in the modern world.

We will provide you practical and actionable advice to lead change in your organization – whether a startup, non-profit, government entity or Global 500 company.


As a society we choose capitalism because it’s a natural way of being, effectively addresses needs, and has proven to be the best economic system at creating value for human beings. But companies have forgotten how to compete on value. Beyond “innovation”or “digital transformation”, leading organizations are changing the way they organize, manage, and structure their work. These companies commit to understanding and solving real customer needs, and seek diversity and sustainability in service to their mission.


Young, ambitious companies often pave the road in disrupting the normal way of doing things, inside their own companies. From remote work to radical transparency to alternative funding, they learn how to create a sustainable 21st century business.


An entrepreneurial mindset is not just for businesses. Applying the new mentality to government leads to increased responsiveness to constituents and greater efficiency in taxpayer expenditures.. The examples will astound you.


Front of the classroom, one-way communication from teacher to student, teaching explicitly for test performance is exactly equivalent to the assembly line, hierarchical, command-and-control management style of 20th century businesses; It no longer prepares adults for digital age employment. Project-based learning models business agile teams, where students learn to collaborate to solve problems.

And more!

The new world requires empowering smart people to create value for customers and other stakeholders. They can’t wait to be told what to do by a system that has less information than they do. We see this change happening everywhere in society from the classroom, to the board room, to the battlefield.

Join us at the Endless Disruption Summit as we redefine what it means to organize teams and manage the institutions we depend on in today’s complex, fast-paced world.


  • Hard copy edition of Disruption Proof book included
  • Learn what’s possible to achieve by adopting a new mindset
  • Actionable ideas for applying practices to daily work
  • Inspirational stories to share with colleagues
  • Template for getting leaders on board

Summit Topics

  • Elements and practices leaders use to empower employees and build resilient organizations
  • Inspiring models for creating a more equitable organization for employees, leadership and customers
  • Harnessing and fostering real diversity in your organization and leveraging it as a competitive advantage
  • Developing a resilient aware and dynamic mindset for dealing with increasing complexity
  • Unlocking the power of agile in the education, nonprofit and government sectors
  • Enhancing team collaboration to create transformative opportunity, build value and deeper empathy, and much more…

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